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Phases of Service
Our approach to every project has several important aspects but one stands out the most.....client satisfaction.
We work closely with the client in a collaborative effort from initial assessment through construction to develop the owners project requirements (OPR) and the basis of design (BOD) to ensure that those items get completed and installed successfully.  
Project Kickoff:
  • Typically, we review the project floor plan prior to meeting with the client to become familiar with the project and have time to develop key system options and comments in order to maximize the owner's time in the first project meeting.
  • We meet with the client to discuss the OPR, budget, time constraints, existing conditions (if applicable) and schedule to determine the project scope of work. 
  • We document the kickoff meeting with accurate notes and diagrams so that we have clear and concise information to start the engineering process.
Schematic Design Phase (SD):
  • Drawing schematics are prepared based on the system(s) as determined most appropriate for the project and which meet the intent of the OPR and BOD.
  • We prepare questions for the client and/or other team members.
  • Outline specifications (as required) are prepared.
  • A schematic statement of probable cost is created for comparison to clients stated priorities and budget.
Design Development Phase (DD):
  • Design development level floor plans are prepared to identify more permanent location of system components and zoning.
  • Schematic phase changes to the design are completed based on client and/or other team member review.
  • Schematic phase questions are answered by the appropriate party and additional items as needed are prepared and sent to the client and/or other team members.
  • The team participates in a design development review meeting with the Architect and other consultants to review the drawings for coordination, discuss any possible value engineering options, and to answer any outstanding questions.  
  • Design development plans are prepared for distribution to the client for review and approval.
Contract Documents (CD):
  • Final drawings are prepared for competitive bidding and permitting after any changes have been made to the design development drawings based on client review and approval.
  • Final technical specifications are completed.
  • Statement of probable cost is refined.
  • Attend pre-bid meetings to walk the contractors through the project and answer any questions.
  • Issue any clarifications or changes to the contract documents via addendum.
  • Review the bids received and make recommendations as needed to the client regarding award of the project.
Construction Administration (CA):
  • Review schedule of values, shop drawings, submittals and the contractor's installation schedule.
  • Attend scheduled Owner, Architect, Contractor (OAC) meetings.
  • Provide periodic site observations to review work in progress by the contractors to verify installation is in accordance with the contract documents.
  • Review progress payment applications for compliance with stated completion milestones.
  • Evaluate any change order requests.
  • Consult with test and balance firm and commissioning agent (if applicable) to ensure proper operation of systems.
  • Assist with owner training sessions for systems and controls.
  • Conduct a final site observation to document items needing correction prior to substantial completion.
  • Review/approve close-out documents.
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